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Winter is Coming to Indianapolis

Winter is coming to Indianapolis and it’s time to talk about what’s going on in this great city. November brings quite a few great performances to Indianapolis Downtown stages! Along with all these things that Indianapolis offers, there’s always some sort of event or another going on in the fantastic city. It is one of […]

A Memoir of Remarkable Dying Words Spoken by Famous Artists

Whether grasped at the moment they told or merely in perception, almost everyone would tell a word, phrase or even a sentence which attests the last piece he or she ever says while still living on earth. Whether realized at the time they are said or only in hindsight, nearly everyone will express a word, […]

The American Theatre Wing (ATW) Broadcasts 2014 Recipients of the Theatre Company Grant

2014 Prize Raises Award Amounts and Recipients The 2014 National Theatre Company Grants were just announced by the American Theatre Wing. The recipients are: The TEAM in Brooklyn, New York The House Theatre of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles, California Red Bull Theater in New York, NY PlayGround in San […]

Four Best-Selling Modern-day Artists: Today’s Worldwide Art Stars

Our modern world even exists with well-known artists who are still alive today. Some of them might be known to you but the majority may not. But they are living together with us, and they contribute success to our contemporary arts. Gerhard Richter (German Painter) In 1932, Gerhard Richter was born in Dresden, Germany and […]


How Do You Sum Up Five Years? We ate like men and we cried like women. That seemed to be the running joke of the weekend in Hazlehurst, GA. Two guys set out to watch the end of a series together and ended up blubbering like little kids with skinned knees. I had decided a […]