How Do You Sum Up Five Years?

We ate like men and we cried like women.
That seemed to be the running joke of the weekend in Hazlehurst, GA. Two guys set out to watch the end of a series together and ended up blubbering like little kids with skinned knees. I had decided a while back that it was fitting that Steve Glosson and myself watch the end of this show together, since it had meant so much to us both together and separately for ten years. So, that’s just what we did. A couple of friends tagged along and we made the 8 hour drive from Tupelo, MS to Steve’s house in preparation for the final episode of Smallville, and ultimately the end of House of El Podcast.
It was an unforgettable trip. One of laughs and equal amounts of tears. It was emotional to watch the show close out and subsequently, lose our little show in the process. We worked hard on our final episode, which is being edited now and will be released in a few days – but somehow that didn’t seem fitting enough to say our thanks as much as it did our goodbyes.

So how do I sum up five years? How do I say thanks to the hundreds of folks that have made this show happen, and the hundreds of thousands that have listened week in and week out? I can’t. There’s too many to name. Too many experiences to comment on. Too many things to be thankful for. Our credits in 175 will list a large part of the people who have made this show what it was in the last five years, but there are some who I would be remiss to not take this opportunity to thank in our final moments.

Tucker Colburn and Graham Hancock – Two of my oldest and most loyal friends. Thank you for believing in something that sounded stupid five years ago, and still sounds stupid today. Thanks for putting up with me, my wishes for the show, and always having the attitude of seeing it through to make it as fun as possible. Thanks Houston Longino and Will Cooper for shouldering some of the responsibility for a while, and laying the groundwork of what this show would ultimately end up being five years later.

Thank you to people who have been there from the beginning. Who have always given of themselves and volunteered their time to increase awareness and have a good time. Thanks Kim Jordan for always being a great friend and source of support and advice in our years of friendship, and your passion to want this small effort to succeed from the beginning. Thanks Brian Moseley for always being eager to serve and put forth your ideas and humor (and thanks to you and Troy for putting up with mine and Steve’s antics this weekend).

Thanks to people who we never really said enough thanks to like Allie Osterloh Michael Bailey, and Stuart Baldwyn (and many, many, many others) who were always happy to devote their time and talents to Starkville’s House of El. To guests like Brian Austin Green, Cassidy Freeman, Bryan Q. Miller, Al Septien, Turi Meyer, Justin Hartley, John Schneider, Alaina Huffman, Alan Ritchson, and too many others to name.

Thanks Susan Kesser and Suzanne Gomez and Marc Klein for always being in our corner.

Thanks to Robin Burdge for your humor, your good spirits, and for always wanting to do whatever you could for SHoE. Thanks to Brie for letting you be as available as you were for us, Robin. Thank you to Damian Holbrook for joining our project, after already being a full time journalist who probably didn’t want to talk TV anymore at the end of his day, but still always would and had a fun time doing it.

Thank you Joe Hummrich for your loyalty. Thanks to Liz for letting you come out and play. Thanks for your friendship. Your good heart. Your giving of your time. For always having my back, and for being a lifelong friend – even though I’ve only known you a short time.

Thank you Steve Glosson. Thanks for being my best friend. For laughing with me. For being my reality. For telling me what was smart and what was dumb. For keeping me grounded. For lifting my spirits. For burning yourself out on these shows, for finding yourself, and for coming back together for the end. Thanks for always being there for me and thanks for letting me be half a good a friend as you are to me. Thanks for being a part of House of El Podcast. Thanks for letting me be a part of Geek Out Loud. Thanks for never letting me settle and always making me try harder to do what I want to do in life. Thanks for making House of El Podcast what it was and what it ended on. Thanks for saving it, more than once. Thanks for bringing the funny and making the people keep coming back for more. Thank you for your laugh. It saves lives.

Thank you to my family and friends and coworkers who put up with this crap for years and are probably more than happy it’s over with.

Thank you listeners. Thank you for loyalty. Thank you for support. Thank you for five years of downloads. Tweets. Emails. Ideas. Laughs. Complaints. Rants. And Love. Thank you for listening. Thank you for watching. Thank you for loving Smallville with us. Thank you for taking the time to care. Thank you for recognizing we did this for free. For fun. For you.

Thanks for the videos and the emails and the tweets leading up to and following the finale – we’ll never be able to use all of the hundreds of them, but I wanted to share a few I saw here now.

Thanks for everything.